We’ve released a number of blog posts and webinars in 2017 about the importance of optimizing your Amazon listing. We’ve passed along our tips for how to create a title, pictures, bullet points, product description, and more. We’ve talked about SEO rankings on Amazon and how to work with Amazon’s algorithm.

Today, we want to take the conversation one step further and focus on how careful attention to copywriting in your listing can help your sales skyrocket.

  1. Rewrite your listing title so that it focuses on the secondary benefits your product offers.

It’s time to rethink your priorities when it comes to search result rankings. Everyone puts an emphasis on being first or second in an Amazon search result, but ask yourseslf this: Does landing a spot in the top few slots of a search really matter? The vast majority of Amazon shoppers will always scroll through the bottom of the first full page of search results.

What matters is getting your listing clicked on. Spending time (or money via a PPC campaign) to rank in the top spot doesn’t do anything for your business unless customers actually click through to your listing.

Plus, every time someone searches a keyword and clicks on your listing, Amazon will start ranking you for that keyword. Every time someone buys your product after clicking through to your listing, Amazon will rank you for that keyword again. Once you start ranking for those keywords organically, you’ll be able to make more sales without paying for PPC ads. It’s a win-win situation!

So how can you ensure your listing gets clicked on? You MUST give shoppers a reason to click on your listing, so it all starts with reworking the title of your listing.

We’re not talking about keywords. Keywords in titles are good for indexing search traffic, but other companies selling the same product as you are also going to be using the same keywords in their listing title. If you and your competitors all have the same title (more or less), what happens? Shoppers start comparing prices and reviews — a truly terrible business strategy!

Instead of cramming your title full of keywords, write out the secondary benefits your product offers. Think like a customer would: why are they seeking out your product in the first place? Don’t list the obvious benefits.What are the secondary benefits?

If you properly optimize your listing title, people will click through to your listing and you’ve already done half of the work.

  1. Organize your listing content for dual readership.

There are two types of people in the world: people who skim, and people who don’t mind sitting down to read every word. It’s important that your listing doesn’t alienate either group.

For the customer who likes to skim content, how will you make things stand out so they can quickly find the product features that are relevant to their needs? Through capitalization and the use of special characters (asterisks, dashes, exclamation points, etc) you can make the unique benefits of your product stand out to the shoppers who like to skim.

At the same time, you can carefully write out the specifics of the product benefits for those who like to read through all the details. Don’t be shy about using too much text — utilize the tips mentioned above so skimmers can quickly make their way through your listing, while also providing your detail-oriented customers with all the information they need to click “Add to Cart.”

  1. Use ALL the space that is available.

If you rent a billboard on the side of the highway, are you only going to cover half of the board? Of course not! So why would you do any different in your Amazon listing?

Take the listing title, for example. Most product categories give you 200 characters or less for the title — use all of that space! And going back to our first copywriting secret above, think in terms of a 2:1 ratio: for every 2 keywords list 1 benefit.

The same goes for the content you put in your actual listing. For example, don’t just write out 2-3 bullet points, use the full 5 that Amazon gives you!

Take some time this week to implement these three simple copywriting secrets in your Amazon listing and watch what happens to your sales in the next few months. Come tell our Facebook Community about your experience!