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It can be difficult for the everyday innovative entrepreneur to navigate what’s legitimate and what’s just too good to be true when reviewing various business websites.

We are strong believers in the power of transparency at The Private Label University. That’s why we share openly about our backgrounds, beliefs, success stories and yes, even our family. Because we think once you know us, really know us, you’ll be quick to realize we are the real deal. Instead of speaking fluff, we speak facts. Instead of always telling you what you want to hear, we tell you what you need to hear. And instead of hiding behind a curtain like the Great Wizard of Oz (as you may find on so many other websites), we put ourselves out here, front and center, so you can rest assure you are dealing with real people.

Meet Karen and Neil

About Neil Gwartzman

Neil-Gwartzman-Consider-It-Made-Business-ConsultingThe son of a manufacturing, distribution and retail pioneer in Canada who believed anyone capable of work should be working, Neil Gwartzman has been bringing ideas to life since he was just 10 years old. A visionary who conducted business in more than 10 countries around the world before the age of 30, Neil has uncovered the hidden secrets of product sourcing, manufacturing, importing and sales—both online and on retail store shelves—so much so that his colleagues say he’s downright dangerous! Having played a critical role in the rise of countless successful companies over the past 30 years, Neil has identified the key steps required to sell millions of dollars in products worldwide. Privileged to have worked under some of the most influential masters in his industry, Neil has honed his skills as an ambassador for entrepreneurs, serving today as the missing link between the those that want to sell products and the customers that will buy them . Today his client list includes some of the largest retail stores in the world along with hundreds of entrepreneurs, just like you. Neil attended York University with a focus on International Studies and Anthropology. When he’s not breaking down barriers for the next big thing, he’s at home in Colorado enjoying time with his beautiful wife and business partner Karen, their 2 children and 3 enormous dogs.

About Karen Gwartzman 

Karen-Gwartzman-Consider-It-Made-Business-CoachThe daughter of an entrepreneur that built a pharmaceutical franchise in Canada, Karen was born into the entrepreneurial world. Nicknamed “the dreamer” by family and friends, Karen has been building businesses in just about every industry you can imagine—from fashion to health care—for more than 25 years.

An educator at heart, Karen has mentored countless clients through the process of career transition—lovingly guiding them as they step out of their comfort zone and into their entrepreneurial dreams.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology and decades of experience building her own successful business, today Karen shares her entrepreneurial insights with a holistic twist—convinced the key to entrepreneurial success lies in coaching the whole person.

A firm believer that dreams are actually unrealized goals, Karen is on a mission to free other dreamers from the trap of goal suppression and to strategically walk them through the process of reaching their dreams using the proven processes found in her Unique Signature Formula®️.

A remarkable fusion of a powerful business woman that moves the marketplace and supermom, Karen knows relationships are the core of every strong business. That’s why she brings her savvy business acumen, friendly smile, authenticity and unstoppable energy into every Consider It Made project—empowering entrepreneurs around the world to live with no regrets.

When Karen is not developing dreamers in the marketplace, she is raising two young dreamers and living life on purpose with her husband and business partner, Neil. Together they live in Colorado.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Private Label University LIVE At The Canton Fair.

If you’re considering selling on Amazon, or if you’re wanting to get into the business of private labeling— the Private Label University program is awesome!

I am an existing Amazon-seller, but I got their course because I’m always trying to keep my “tool sharpened”, as there’s always something to learn when it comes to Amazon and importing private label products.

Neil and Karen are the real deal, with their 30+ years of experience in the private labeling and importing business, as well helping hundreds of people to get live on Amazon. They also know how to make a product become successful once it’s for sale on Amazon, which is just as important as getting a product listed.

They seem to be extremely successful in their own Amazon business, so who better to follow than these two experts?

I highly recommend their program.

--- David Yow

I had my brainstorming session about a week ago with Karen and Neil and I’d like to share with you all that it was amazing! Karen and Neil, I’m impressed about your openness to share information that are of most importance to me. Also, thank you for the suggestions! All in all, I feel that I now have new friends to share ideas and business challenges with. See you all in China next month!

Leonardo Larocca

When I was about to start my catering outfit, I was almost lost on where to start considering that the niche seems to be saturated already. But after careful consultation and teamwork, we came up with a number of ways to grab my share of the market and I was able to get some unique products introduced to my store. This has allowed my business grow incredibly in a relatively short while. Not only did we map out strategies of capturing the market, the business coaching braced me up for the challenges ahead which I have been able to overcome successfully. Great company, excellent service.

--- Kate Brown.

There are a lot of people who will tell you how they made millions on Amazon - and they promise success "The easy way" the simple truth is that they have good marketing strategies but fail to deliver.
Neil And Karen have been in this industry for 40 years and they are the genuine article, they've saved me (and helped me make) hundreds of thousands of real dollars with their hard-earned advice and I highly recommend them to anyone considering private labeling.

--Giles F.

I had a wonderful brainstorming session with Consider It Made! I had a great idea but didn’t know what to do with it. I was worried my idea was silly, but Neil and Karen were not only encouraging, they had some great ideas to make my invention even more appealing and marketable. They are such a wealth of knowledge about inventions and bringing them to market. I feel confident in their advice and their expertise. When I am ready to move forward with bringing my invention to reality, I know I’ll be in good hands with Consider It Made.

---Marti Daly

Great company! Not only did I get my product developed, I actually got more than what I bargained for. My idea was just an idea before I walked into the company, but thanks to their excellent service delivery and their expertise, we were able to come up with an excellent product that has driven my sales figures up since its creation as I have since included it in my retail store.
They are not just my one-stop shop for product development, I see them as a team that helps me achieve my aim as we worked hand-in-hand through all the process until the final goal was achieved.
Thank you Guys.

--- Anthony Johnson

I started a new business this year where I needed to import products. I had no experience with sourcing and importing so I turned to Neil and Karen Gwartzman. They became extremely helpful to me in this area and their personal support has been absolutely priceless.​

---Gaylene P.

I started getting frustrated with my business and I almost regretted ever venturing into it, but when a friend introduced me to their business coaching classes after he was able to transform the fortunes of his business from lessons gained from their coaching, I decided to take the same path. I can boldly say that I have since been able to achieve a good percentage of the short-term and even long-term goals of the business.They say it as it is, and unlike other business coaching classes, they literally take you outside the walls of the classroom to bring real life situations and offer solutions that are applicable in the real world.

--- Peter James.

Consider it Made simply the best!!! They are bringing out the best in me. I have alway wanted to be a successful business owner and since I met Neil Karen Gwartzman I can say without a doubt I am on track to achieving that because of their amazing teaching, coaching, guidance, motivation and direction! For those dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur you don’t have to anymore just Consider it Made!!!! You are awesome!!!

- Prosper Dogbatse

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