Are you interested in starting a business on Amazon, but not sure where to start? Or maybe you already have a private label business, but it’s in a slump and you’d like to make it profitable again. Either way, you’ve probably spent considerable time searching online for information that can help you. You may have even read free eBooks or watched free webinars.

But how many time have you participated in a free online training that only made you more confused? It’s probably because the vast majority of free training only give you bits and pieces of the larger puzzle, leaving you with an incomplete picture of how to make everything fit together into a profitable private label business.

This is why we’ve decided to partner with industry experts to bring you a once in a lifetime opportunity: the Amazon Private Label Summit. Starting next Tuesday, March 28th, we are going to start a private label business from scratch and we’re doing it LIVE.

You can either follow along and take notes or start your own Amazon business with us! This is the perfect opportunity to launch your own private label business as you stand behind our shoulder and watch us do it.

And the best part? The Amazon Private Label Summit is completely FREE.

This ongoing weekly summit will build on the previous week’s work. We will start next week by laying the foundation for starting a private label business, then we will dive right into searching for a product to sell. That’s right — we don’t even know what product we’re going to private label yet!

From sourcing & finding reliable suppliers to packaging & labeling, from certifications to shipping & importing, from customs requirements to setting up an optimized page listing to protecting your brand, our Amazon Private Label Summit will follow the full step-by-step, start-to-finish process for launching a successful business on Amazon.

And as this Amazon business grows, all of the profits will go to a charity that YOU will help us choose.

We have started enough private label businesses (12 to be exact!) to know it can be hard to figure out which pieces of the puzzle go where. It’s time to leave confusion behind and get the real-world transparency you need to create a successful private label business on Amazon.

We only have 200 spots for each weekly webinar, so register today and join us as we go through the entire private label process on the Amazon Private Label Summit.