Amazon Sellers and the Future of Fashion

Late last year, Business Insider wrote about Amazon becoming a major threat to United States retailers. However, for some reason, no one in the industry was talking about it. At the time, department stores such as the GAP, Macy’s, J. Crew and Nordstrom were talking...

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Product Patents: When, Where, and How Much

We’ve received a few questions lately from product entrepreneurs about getting a patent for their big idea. Today, we want to outline the process for you. Why a patent is worth it. This is your special, unique idea. You’ve put an incredible amount of time, effort, and...

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5 Ways to Avoid Illegal Business on Amazon

Recentley we completed a 4-part series on ways to make money online. Now that you’ve chosen a product business model, let’s make sure you’re keeping things legal. Many of our students tell us that when it comes to the integrity of their seller account, it can be hard...

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**WARNING!** Beware of this new Trademark Scam!

Let’s state the obvious: there is a big, bad world of companies that prey on honest online sellers seeking to protect their product/brand with a trademark or patent. If you haven’t already received a letter trying to scam you into money, just wait. Based on our...

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