Build Your Private Label Business Blueprint With Us LIVE In Colorado

Join us LIVE In Colorado, for 3 days, as we walk you through our Import Success Formula – The 5 step process of finding the perfect product for your business, that will help you build a brand that will attract a ton of customer and get you in front of millions of people.

Whether you are a coach, service provider, brick and mortar business or an online entrepreneur, products are the #1 key ingredient that every business needs to build a brand globally, attract clients and make money…

Building a brand is very important for entrepreneurs to stay competitive and get noticed.

But here is the thing…

Many don’t know how to build a brand using products nor where to start.

The good news is, you are not alone and the process is simple.

Find an online training program, like our Import Success Formula and dedicate hours going through the training. Learn everything you can.

The reality is, many of us don’t have hours or weeks or months to get through an online training program nor gain the support they truly need, to see results fast.

That is why we created The Import Success Formula Live Event.

It is the fastest, most effective way to learn the process in just 3 days, with mentors right by your side.

Imagine in just 3 days, you will have all the tools, strategies, step by step process, templates and your Personal Business Private Label Blueprint planned out, so you can start building your successful physical product, private label business.

This is a live event that will walk you through the private label, step by step, business model with the support and guidance of Karen and Neil implementing the process with you.

You will leave this event with…

  • Your Personal Business Blueprint Plan
  • Complete step by step private label process
  • Product idea strategies that work
  • Places to source that no one knows about
  • The things no one is sharing about Alibaba and business in China
  • Strategies and tools for success
  • Negotiation and communication templates
  • The process started – Yes we implement and get you started in class!
  • Communications and Negotiations started with suppliers
  • Your importing team ready (Yes, we share our team with you)
  • Amazon walkthrough – Your Amazon business ready
  • Bonus tips and Strategies that we have been using for 30+ years and work like a charm!


Get ready to learn what NO ONE is teaching…

This model attracts customers, builds a brand globally and makes money.

You will learn ALL the steps, formulas, tools you need to grow your business.

And we know what works!  We have private labeling thousands and thousands of products for retailers, businesses, and entrepreneurs around the world.

There will be no fluff, no speakers selling –  just learning and implementation, so you leave with everything – the process, formulas, strategies, templates, so you are ready to soar.

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