Welcome to Amazon’s busiest time of the year, a.k.a., a great time to get on the scene with your new product. If you haven’t started selling a private label product, what better time than the holiday season to get one out there. People are looking… are you selling?

What Have You Got?

First you need to find a product to private label. You probably already have an idea of what you want to put your label on, but if you need some help getting started, we can help here!

Next, you’ll want to register for our China Live event. We travel with you to the Canton Fair in China, train you in special live workshops, and provide translators so you can connect with reliable suppliers that offer hot new products that haven’t hit the market yet.

You’ll find other options for traveling to China, but don’t be fooled: We offer the best value for your investment, with constant support from trained and experienced private label professionals. You only want to make the investment once, so make sure you work with the right teachers from the very beginning.

How Much?

Next, you need to find the right price for your product. When you sell on Amazon, chances are that your customer is only looking on Amazon. In this case, you just need to browse the site to see how much like products are selling for. Then, ask yourself what you can possible use as a selling point and still make a reasonable profit.

If you are looking for an even wider audience—for instance, you want to begin your own online store on a website you own—you will need to track the global market. For more information on searching outside of Amazon, go here.

Seller, Know Thy Product

You need to know your product better than anyone else. The Question and Answer section on Amazon allows potential customers can ask questions about a product. ANYONE can answer these questions. Unfortunately, that means someone who does not have accurate information could be posting.

You, as the seller, should have the ultimate authority to steer the public right. You can bypass any of these questions by posting a complete and accurate description to begin with. Get samples and use them! Answer the questions you know your customers will have right there in the product description listing.

Be In The Background

Make sure you have everything ready for that moment when sales start pouring in. Have a website that is easy to maneuver and glitch-free. You must have your own business set up and tax-ready. And you need to have your product trademarked or patented to prevent any legal trouble. Do this before you start selling, because you won’t have time when you are in the midst of filling orders.

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What Now?

You’ve got your product description; you’ve got your price; now you need to get it out there. Before listing on Amazon, you will need a FNSKU to identify your product. Once you have all of this together, you are ready to list. Try here: http://privatelabeluniversity.com/im-a-new-seller-where-should-i-start/

Your Job’s Not Done!

The most important part of selling is getting people to see your product. Amazon has a great way to help you boost sales, but it depends on how well your product sells to begin with. Products that become best sellers are the ones that are recommended to other customers. If you can crack your way into that group, your sales will take off. So prepare a big launch and make sure everyone you know spreads the word about your product. Before you know it, your label will be a household name, and it will begin selling itself.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do before, during, and after your product launches. Once you’ve been through the process, it will come to you more naturally. However, if you need a push to get you going in the right direction, give us a try.

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