The Fastest Ways to FIND and BRAND your OWN Products and Make Way More MONEY on AMAZON

Karen and Neil Gwartzman have…

  • Created the Private Label University
  • Personally coached and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe
  • Helped thousands of private labelers build the business of their dreams
  • Own dozens of their own personal, profitable private label businesses that are still flourishing to this day
  • And now… they are international best sellers!

What, WHAT?!

That’s right folks, we wrote a new book and it’s already ranked #1 on the best-seller charts.


Follow along as we walk you through our proven 5 step formula to private labeling products and launching a business on Amazon. We’ll focus on choosing which “hot” product to sell and give you the inside scoop on the most reliable way to source your product from trustworthy suppliers. We’ll teach you how to import like a pro and breeze through Customs. We’ll pass along all the tips on optimizing your Amazon product listing in preparation for your big Amazon launch. We’ll even take a look at life beyond Amazon — because let’s face it, there is a big, wide world of retail opportunity out there for you and your brand. Who said you can’t get into the big chain stores?!


Our book shares 35 years of private label secrets and will give you the tools you need to create a sustainable business model from the ground up. The 5 step formula to private labeling products and building a recognizable brand is easy to follow and will set you on the path to generating a healthy, continuous income. Even if this is your first venture in the physical product industry, anyone can follow this simple formula to success. You don’t need any special schooling or experience! We have seen students as young as fourteen years old launch and sustain a private label business with this 5 step formula.


You will walk away learning:

  • How to get started private labeling products with your brand, even if you know nothing about products.
  • How to add products to your business to spread your awesome brand around the globe.
  • The secret to product selection using our proprietary Unique Signature Formula®.
  • The 5 step private label formula that retailers around the world are using to build and sell their brands. We hold nothing back because we want to share our secrets with you!


Are you ready for the world to recognize your business brand internationally? We truly believe that when equipped with the right tools, resources, and coaching, anyone can enter the eCommerce world and make a killer income private labeling products. Grab your copy today!