Have Karen and Neil Gwartzman Speak at your next event!

The #1 thing entrepreneurs struggle with is finding a business that will actually make them money!  There is so much noise on social media and everyone seems to be a guru today.  But the bottom line is this—there is really only 1 key ingredient you need in a business to see success and that is a product.  Walmart, Michaels, Costco, Apple are million and billion dollar companies and they all have 1 key ingredient in common—a product.

By adding a product with your brand on it, or starting a business around a product that you brand, it will bring you one step closer to seeing success.  Yet, it takes years to become the “guru” in the physical product industry, especially if you want to see success with private labeling products.

That is why Karen and Neil Gwartzman created Private Label University.  Drawing on over 35 years of experience in the trenches, private labeling for some of the largest chain stores in the world, Karen and Neil founded Private Label University to share their secrets and give everyone the same fair advantage to success. They have played a critical role in the rise of countless successful companies over the past three decades.  Their program, grounded in a 60-year-old framework that was handed down by some of the masters in the industry, can be applied today and change the way business is done.

The Gwartzmans focus on helping entrepreneurs get started with private labeling products using Amazon as a selling platform. They currently have an Amazon business as well as having thousands of private label products on retail store shelves. Your audience will gain a wealth of information from their experiences and can grow your business 5x stronger and faster.  Your audience will take away both concrete tips and strategies that they can apply right away in their business and start making money—perfect for aspiring business owners!

Their 5 signature talks include:

  1. The #1 Key Ingredient Every Business MUST Have To Make Money 

If you don’t have it, you are not making the money you should be.
Many businesses struggle to attract more clients and build a brand globally. That is because they are missing 1 very key ingredient – A Product.  Join us as we share the #1 ingredient every business needs.

  • Learn about the #1 ingredient that you should have in your business that will create profit margins that you control.
  • Learn about the main business model that many businesses are using and why they are keeping this secret from you
  • Learn how your personal branded products can make you a ton of money
  • Learn how products will attract more clients, build a brand globally, and make you money in ANY business
  • Learn how you can get started private labeling products in your business TODAY
  1. The Blueprint ANYONE Can Use To Start A Business, With Little Investment And Zero Experience – The Perfect Business Model That REALLY MAKES MONEY!

Everyone has that entrepreneur in them telling them that it is time to do something for you.  Usually fear holds us back from starting, but those who take the leap, never look back. The entrepreneur in you is blooming and wants to start a successful business that makes money so that you can enjoy life and spend time doing the things you love, your way.  Join us as we share a business model that has made millions for entrepreneurs around the world. This talk is perfect for the entrepreneur who is looking to start a business or looking to add an additional residual monthly income.

  • Learn why most business models do not work
  • Learn how products are the real secret to any business success
  • Learn the Amazon opportunity and start making money, like the HUGE Retailers and online businesses
  • Learn how you don’t even need to have customers to make money with this business model – customers find you
  • Learn how you can start building your business immediately, with little investment and Zero experience with our 5-Steps Process. And wait until you see how easy this is.
  1. Is your Product Not On Amazon? Learn How Amazon Is Helping Businesses Make Millions.

We have been working with the top retailers for over three decades and we have to say, if you are not selling products on Amazon, you are leaving money on the table.  Join us as we share with you the easiest way to sell your products online – The Amazon Opportunity. This talk is perfect for the retailer or online seller who already has a product and is not selling on Amazon.

  • Learn how everyday people are making millions selling their products on Amazon
  • Learn about the Amazon Opportunity
  • Learn how retailers are competing in the Amazon Jungle
  • Learn how you can attract more customers, build a brand that customers recognize globally, and make a ton more money
  • Learn how you can get started TODAY selling on Amazon with our 5 step process
  1. Want More Customers, a Consistent Income, and to Build a Brand and Reputation that Makes You Millions – Our 5 step process works!

Are you a coach or service provider who wants more clients and to build a recognizable and profitable brand around the world?  Then this talk is for you. Join us as we share our Private Label Secrets.

  • Learn how to attract more customers and build a recognizable business brand around the world by adding just 1 thing to your business
  • Learn how you can reach over 200 million potential “new” clients
  • Learn how adding your personal private label brand product to your business will increase your sales 5x and more. Who doesn’t want more sales?
  • Learn how you can get started private labeling YOUR Branded product TODAY with our 5-step process.
  1. Are You A Retailer Without A Private Label Brand? Learn All you Need to Succeed in Private Labeling

Join us as we share the fastest and easiest way to make more money, attract more customers and build a brand globally. This talk is perfect for ANY business that does not yet have a personal brand product. 

Calling all brick and mortar retailers, online retail, and wholesale arbitrage retailers, service providers, coaches, and entrepreneurs around the world who rely on other brands to make money, this talk is a MUST!

  • Learn how adding your personal private label brand to your business will increase your sales 10x and more.
  • Discover the truth about private labeling.  Whatever is holding you back from creating a private label brand, it is NOT true.
  • Learn how to attract more customers and build a recognizable business brand globally.
  • Learn how to pay less for products you are already selling. Who doesn’t want more profits?
  • Learn how to you can get started private labeling YOUR Brand with our 5 step process immediately.

Karen and Neil Gwartzman can deliver a talk that will be highly informative and potentially game changing.   They have previously spoken at:

  • Global Sources Summit – HK
  • Ebay/Amazon event – Google office – Tel Aviv
  • Canton Fair workshops – China
  • NAMTA – (National Art Material Association)
  • NIFDA Conference – Denver

  • NAMTA – (National Art Material Association)
  • CHA (Craft and Hobby Association)
  • Canton Fair Live Event – PLU
  • Numerous local meetups and weekly online events, podcasts and summits.