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Hi, we’re Karen and Neil Gwartzman, creators of Private Label University and best-selling authors of Private Label Secrets. 
We’re coaches, trainers and run a thriving service business helping entrepreneurs around the world add extra revenue streams to their life, by selling physical products with their brand name on them.
We know firsthand how awesome it is being your own boss, having your own business and having the freedom to be in control of your time, how much money you want to make and where you spend it. 
We also know the downside…
That it’s really easy to find yourself caught in the “doubt” or “what if” cycle.  You know the one… Can I do this, will I make money, will I ever be able to leave my JOB?
We’ve learned through painful experience that it is vital to your success (and your sanity!) to find different ways of adding an additional revenue stream. 
Additional revenue coming in from different sources guarantees that money is always there and never runs out. 
Which means the more income you have,
the more insulated you are from the painful shocks if one incomes stream dries up.
The best way to achieve this goal?
Adding one or more physical products to your business.

Did you know…

Lack of money keeps you from making money?

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Guess what? 

You don’t need much money to start a business and make the income you dream of. 

What you do need is a product.

Every day we teach people just like you how to generate a substantial income selling products both online and in big box retail stores. We provide you with all the  information and skills you need to create a highly profitable business selling your products online.  Whether you are starting an at home business on-line or a brick and mortar, or you are looking to add additional income to your already existing business, you absolutely need to be equipped with the right information for success. There are many formulas out there, and millions self proclaimed gurus. Most systems waste your money as they do not work.

We will give you the secret formula to finding the perfect product. Finding that perfect product is the key to your financial success.  This is the secret, no one wants to tell you. AND this is the secret, no one wants to share.  We are ready to share with you the secrets we have learned from sourcing, importing and private labeling products for the big chains stores. And our formula works.  Just look how well Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Amazon, to name a few, are doing.

Lets do it!!!


Our teenaged kids started their very own Private Label Product College fund.

They want to go to the best colleges and nothing was going to stop them!

Check out their monthly numbers...


The Fastest Ways to FIND and BRAND your OWN Products and Make Way More MONEY on AMAZON

Karen and Neil Gwartzman have…

  • Created the Private Label University
  • Personally coached and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe
  • Helped thousands of private labelers build the business of their dreams
  • Own dozens of their own personal, profitable private label businesses that are still flourishing to this day
  • And now… they are international best sellers!

What, WHAT?!

That’s right folks, we wrote a new book and it’s already ranked #1 on the best-seller charts.

Our book shares 35 years of private label secrets and will give you the tools you need to create a sustainable business model from the ground up. The 5 step formula to private labeling products and building a recognizable brand is easy to follow and will set you on the path to generating a healthy, continuous income. Even if this is your first venture in the physical product industry, anyone can follow this simple formula to success. You don’t need any special schooling or experience! We have seen students as young as fourteen years old launch and sustain a private label business with this 5 step formula.

Are you ready for the world to recognize your business brand internationally? We truly believe that when equipped with the right tools, resources, and coaching, anyone can enter the eCommerce world and make a killer income private labeling products. Grab your copy today!

We know it’s almost a prerequisite to share a “rags to riches” story if you want to be taken seriously as a trainer, coach or expert.

But we don’t have a sad story to share – and we have private labeling to thank. It truly is the foundation to an amazing life that we feel extremely privileged and blessed to lead.

We live in a beautiful home in Colorado, blessed with two incredible kids and three entertaining St. Bernards. We drive our luxury dream cars, get to take frequent vacations, and work with absolutely amazing clients. Our retirement accounts are fully funded. And we know that both of our kids can go to the college of their choosing – because they’re selling their own private-labeled products on Amazon to the tune of $30K and more in monthly revenue.

We don’t say this to brag. We share it to inspire you … because your dream life can become a reality with the addition of a private labeled physical product to your business.

Our vision is to share this process with 1 million business owners. We know the process works. But we want more case studies to help prove to skeptics that the process really does work.

Ready to start making serious money and start generating an income while you sleep?

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Let’s do this!


I started a new business this year where I needed to import products. I had no experience with sourcing and importing so I turned to Neil and Karen Gwartzman. They became extremely helpful to me in this area and their personal support has been absolutely priceless.

Gaylene P

With 30 years of PROVEN experience Neil & Karen are the Experts who give you the stuff that other people just don’t know! Don’t waste thousands on other courses that fail to deliver.

Giles F

I started getting frustrated with my business and I almost regretted ever venturing into it, but when a friend introduced me to their business coaching classes after he was able to transform the fortunes of his business from lessons gained from their coaching, I decided to take the same path. I can boldly say that I have since been able to achieve a good percentage of the short-term and even long-term goals of the business.They say it as it is, and unlike other business coaching classes, they literally take you outside the walls of the classroom to bring real life situations and offer solutions that are applicable in the real world.

Peter J


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