Private Label Blueprint

Here’s Why You Want Them!

If you’ve ever wanted to get your foot in the door with Amazon or other online retailers to see about selling your private labeled products, we can get you started. We have workshops and conventions all around the world to help beginners and even advanced sellers get on the right track to making money. We have a Private Label Blueprint Workshop coming up in May and since there are only 4 tickets left, we’re here to give you the reasons why you should be the one to snatch them up.

Training, not Selling

The upcoming workshop is going to be a three day training event rather than a conference where you have to listen to additional speakers hawking their wares. There will be no obligation or expectation to buy anything. Rather, you’ll walk in with a thirst for knowledge and walk out with all the tools a budding entrepreneur needs: templates, blueprints, checklists, strategy suggestions, and the biggest of all? Our support. We’ll be right by your side LIVE, and since starting a private labeling venture is the hardest part, we will help YOU help yourself (And your bank account!).

Trust Our Experience

Have you ever wondered where international online retailers like Alibaba have seen such incredible success? Wonder no longer! We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we’re here to share our experience and secrets with you! We will guide you step by step through the Private Labeling process with PLU providing constant support as well as teaching you how to create products for The Chain Stores so you’ll be prepared to make money online AND in brick and mortar stores!

In those three days at our Private Label Blueprint Workshop, we will impart to you the knowledge we’ve gleaned over the past 35 years in the industry. Strategies that we’ve used, the 60 year old system that huge chain stores have been using, and a direct action plan to finding the perfect product that makes money; our experience is here for you!


Our workshop wouldn’t be complete without the many bonuses we like to include! You’ll gain access to use our personal importing/shipping team so you don’t have to worry about the importing part of the private labeling process. Attendees will also get lifetime access to the Import Success Formula program with over 50 online training videos that will teach you the strategies we’ve used for over 35 years, our #1 bestselling book, Private Label Secrets, access to our private Facebook group, and so much more!

And amazingly enough, even these aren’t all the reasons why YOU should be the one to get the last 4 tickets to our upcoming Private Label Blueprint Workshop in May! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Get your tickets now!

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